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Baxterbox – Online Shop…Now online!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010



A shop for Mollie’s Publications and Recordings is now online!


It’s been something of a slow process, requiring a visit to West End Post Office with a pile of jiffy bag combinations, a very patient cashier and the repeated question of ‘how much to post this? …Or how about I do this? … Or this?’ but it’s all finally up and operational. A fully-staffed warehouse is poised to take your order 24 hours a day… sort of.


But it is fully secure thanks to Big Cartel, payments made via Paypal, credit or debit card. (If you’d liked to pay by cheque, please email


To visit the shop, click here, or navigate via the shopping trolley icon at the top of the home page.


Currently in stock are:




Before the Rain



Published by Flax in 2008 this collection of fiction features Mollie Baxter, Thomas Fletcher and Peter Wild


‘… An abiding characteristic of Mollie Baxter’s writing, that raises her tales into the level of real greatness, is her ability to pull off the unexpected. Rather than the road less travelled, it’s a road cleaved through the thicket. Every literary cliché, every predictable turn of phrase and plot transition is avoided and subverted. Her take on mental illness through the theme of colour (’Colour Fractions’) is one from an utterly new angle, as poignant and sympathetic, as it is inspired. What you think you see coming is not what arrives.’ Dogmatika Review March 2008



Moll Baxter Band play Chill Out Tuesday on March 2nd

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Come along!

Come along!

Back by popular demand… (I demanded and they said, oh go on then…)

This is a child-friendly event. Si will be wearing his clown trousers and we will be pouring custard into them between each song.

Rob will only say ‘Phooey’ when something goes wrong with setting up the PA.

And Harvey will do a selection of cup and ba

ll tricks.
Well, I can’t strictly gurantee that yet, but we DEFINITELY will be doing a set of Moll Baxter Music in the Gallery, playing a selection of songs from the EPs including the new ‘Part 2, Whispers in the Well,’ plus old favourites.

Alternative Americana, folky bluesy, naggy, whiskied (and whiskered) songs to tease and finger your earlobes.

Come along after work/Jeremy Kyle/breakfast and say hello. Catch a movie afterwards, mayhaps.

Hope to see you there!

Moll X



‘She is Dragon’ and ‘Annata’

Friday, February 19th, 2010

'The Blue Kimono' by Marion Boyd Allen

During the Christmas holidays, one evening when Rob was on night shifts, I was sitting in front of the coal fire and wrote 2 songs. I don’t think that has ever happened before and I don’t know what planets aligned, wish I did! One song was called ‘She is Dragon’ and I performed it at Spotlight in the New Year.

Norman Hadley recorded the nights acts and posted them on Tinternet, and here they are! She is Dragon and Annata

I’m partway through recording them for Part 3 of Whispers in the Well. Hope you like them.